Federico Bacher
Visual Artist

I did five years of academia at the National Academy of Fine Arts of Argentina. When finished, instead of following through to graduate school, I decided to go to Florence and continue my studies there. A self-described Fanatic of the Renaissance and Michaelangelo, I studied there for two years, on my own, assisting permanently to museums and monuments of Florence with my student card at the Istituto Satatale D'Arte di Fierenze. I was a student and assistant to great sculptors and artists like Aurelio Macchi, Ruben Locaso And Magda Frank. Artists of older generations in which the craft, work and love of their work were essential, and that is what I learned.
As an artist I am essentially a nature lover, I think to love Nature is to love ourselves.
The gap that has been generated between man and Nature is huge. Loving it would retrieve us much good. I always appreciate having dedicated my life to art, it gives me the ability to communicate with nature and with people in a very pure form, where certain contaminants do not enter.
I call my studio, "the temple", and I think this summarizes everything.This "temple" is often in divine order and sometimes in great chaos, such as life and the universe, and so i live in it and enjoy it.
I use a lot of intuition and the unconsciousness, I think there's something in us that knows more about us than ourselves. And that mystery is beautiful as is life itself.